3 Reasons Why Information Marketing Gurus Fear the Online Traffic Formula

Internet marketing gurus have been saying it for years: traffic generation is the key to internet riches. They are absolutely right. Traffic generation is the sole driving force behind internet wealth and profit no matter what business you are in. Even if you do not have a website of your own, online traffic is still key to your internet wealth building success. However, this undeniable truth presents a serious problem to those who teach traffic generation strategies. If they teach their students the best and most effective ways to generate traffic, those students very well could get better at it than their teachers. In a traditional academic environment this would be the goal, but since internet gurus’ income relies on their ability to generate traffic they cannot afford to lose that traffic to successful students. This dilemma is at the center of why information and internet marketing gurus fear the Online Traffic Formula and those who learn and teach it. Here, we will discuss several other reasons why this new system is such a threat to traditional internet gurus.

1. You do not have to be a clone to use the formula.

The creator of the Online Traffic Formula has built a system that will work for any business. For this reason, he does not need to fear generating masses of competition for himself because he is not teaching others to do the same thing that he does or promote the same ideas and systems that he promotes. Instead, the program promotes businesses, interests or ideas that students and clients already have.

2. You do not have to pay “through the nose” to implement these strategies formula negocio online compensa .

Internet gurus make a great deal of their income by charging high monthly fees to keep websites and other online systems in working order. With this online system, however, you do not even need to have your own website unless you want one. You can make money and create a steady income without ever designing your own site or paying someone else a great deal of money to do so. Furthermore, nearly all of the strategies that the creator of this traffic generation teaches are free to implement, so once you learn them you can do whatever you want to with them rather than continuing to pay long after your education is complete.

3. Family is legitimately important to the founder of the company.

Many gurus claim that their programs will help you make more time to spend with your family, when in fact their strategies will keep you working around the clock to maintain an internet income. Sure, if you were already an internet marketing expert these “businesses-in-a-box” might help you find time, but if you are not already well-versed in online marketing then you need a program that has been successfully implemented by someone else who did not start out as an expert. This formula is a comprehensive system that the founder himself uses so that he can spend time with his family while his computer works for him.


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