Brick House: The Country Comfort

Tired of the busy lifestyle in the city? Do you want to get out a little from the hectic life? If ever you want to build a country house that will make you feel all the comfy, the brick red house is the best for you where you will feel cozy and safe. It creates an atmosphere of the coziness of the countryside. Your children might even love the brick rest house if you tell them about three pigs in a brick house against the hungry desperate wolf. In your very own brick house, you can have the delights of a family time.

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First is the Wall Space. The living room can be left with the rough walls combined with wooden floors. The natural colors of the wall texture and the wooden floors create an atmosphere suited for the purpose of making the ambience natural.

Next is the application of red bricks. Try to alternate red bricks with dark colored bricks. This creates an illusion of a long-built house. The next touch with this style is to refine the flooring with the wooden floor or a carpet.

Moreover you can also choose to white wash the walls and leave a little exposed red brick walls instead of having all the walls ‘red bricked’. You can combine it with modern furniture of acrylic colors.

Meanwhile, if you want to add Zen to your home feel, you can do with the exposed concrete floors and exposed concrete walls to achieve a natural ambience. Wood materials used as furniture as well as simple lines of a wood image fairly complements the Zen in your home. You can also come up with plants that have leaves which are lengthy, thin, and spiny to accentuate your wall and wooden floor.

Natural atmosphere can also be enunciated, aside from wood floors, with ceilings made of wooden lattice. Such need to be arranged tightly. To add style, do not arrange them in a very proportionate manner.


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