Build Wealth Habits

There is an inner desire in all of us to build wealth and retire at a young age. This desire is hard to achieve but it is possible; it takes time but it is rewarding. There is no uniform formula on getting rich. We have to find out what the wealth formula is by ourselves. The myth of luck or easy money should not cloud our endeavor to make money using our own blood and sweat. Hard-earned money is more rewarding than easy money.

Earning money through hard work requires you to follow some protocols. Successful people do these because they know that in order to build wealth, one must maintain focus and perseverance on the main goal.

Save First before Budgeting
Some people teach you to budget first then put the extra money in your bank account. This is a wrong practice as most likely, there wouldn’t be money left in the end. Subtract your savings from your income first. Save a reasonable amount like 5 percent then budget over what’s left. You will be surprised at the purchases you are willing to forgo.
Do not touch the savings for a long time. Imagine constantly doing this for 20 years. You have ample money to spend on top of your retirement pay and insurances.

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Budgeting must focus on what you could afford. This is a simple rule but others seem to miss it: If you can’t afford it, don’t purchase it. Pay the bills and buy the groceries first before purchasing that expensive laptop. Others are so blinded by credit and installment plans even if they are not sure they could pay it. If you think you need to buy something, sleep. If you think you still need it when you open your eyes in the morning, then do the purchase.

Constantly Upgrade Yourself
In this world full of competitors, you need to show employers that you are above your game. Grab every chance to learn a new task. Spend your company’s allowance for training. Companies are willing to pay extra to an employee who is educated and productive.

Get out of Debt. Pay Cash
Pay cash when you can. It’s easy to spend when you purchase by check or credit card but it is so hard to fulfill your paying obligation. You would notice that it is harder to spend when you bring cash. Debt just eats up your income and decreases your opportunity to build wealth.

Invest in Stocks and Properties
When you have extra money, invest. Don’t shy away from these brokers. You should talk to them and know about the plans they are offering. Do a background check on these companies to know the credibility of their promises. Time comes when these properties mature and you are set for a contented retirement.


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