Finding an Alarm Clock That Won’t Scare You Half to Death in the Morning

The truth is finding an alarm clock that won’t scare you half to death in the morning is not that difficult if you know where to look. While the traditional clocks used to be mostly very loud and annoying gadgets, today you can find all sorts of modern accessories that are truly convenient and also look good.

Many people pull a face when they think of waking up the next day. And the reason is not always because they like to sleep in, but also because waking up with a scare is not fun. The conventional alarm clock is the one with regular buzzer that simply scares the living daylights of pretty much anyone. When you wake up from a dream with a loud shrill, your entire day goes downhill right from the start. Lamp Music Player for Kids, Party, Bedroom, Camping B07RM3XGNP

The main problem with traditional ones is that people sleep in phases, and depending in which phase they are at the moment the clock is ringing, they are sleeping lighter or much heavier. They might be in a REM sleep or before that. When waking up from a light sleep, the person feels fresh and not sleepy at all. However when the person is in a deep sleep and a shrill noise interrupts that heavy slumber, all bets are off.

So how can you avoid that and still wake up every morning without missing your classes or being late for work? The answer is: finding an alarm clock that is not so loud to scare you, however it is loud enough to wake you up. Alternatively you might find one that doesn’t sound at all, but vibrates instead, or has a flashing light, or puts the radio on. There are many types of modern gadgets today that help people ease their transition from sleep to wakefulness.

One of my favorites is the so called progressive wake alarm clock. This has a quiet yet audible buzz that sounds just like a transformer. The way it works is by a combination of light, several ambient sounds and even your favorite scents, and this progression end with a regular alarm buzz. This means that over a period of 30 minutes you are gradually woken up bit by bit the easy way. Imagine waking up at your favorite smell or at the sound of chirping birds. Often by the time the real buzzer goes off, the person is already wide awake.

Something else that you might want to look at is using an alarm clock that vibrates. This basically consists of a regular type with a small extension that goes under your pillow. Instead of actually ringing the alarm, when it’s time for you to wake up, it vibrates silently under your pillow and shakes you awake. This is particularly useful when you are sleeping with another person and don’t

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