Healthy Dinner Recipes Using Power Foods Will Help Erase Belly Fat!

What is the number one choice for a date? Going out to dinner, of course. And the number one favorite listed date on Internet dating sites is dinner by candlelight.

The type of dinner date discussed here involves you, whether you are a man or a woman. You are going to be the chef, waiter, decorator, and dishwasher. You are going to prepare and serve a romantic dinner for two.

You don’t have to be a cook to arrange this event. If you are, then you are way ahead of the game, but if you are not, here are ideas for a fuss-free menu.

· Your favorite restaurant food

One romantic dinner for two can come in a bag. Plan to get carryout. You can have the table set, the candles ready, the music selected, and the house cleaned up beforehand. Then go to a favorite restaurant and pick up your order that you called in. CHECK IT before you drive away. Often, something may be missing. If you are serving hot food, ask the restaurant chef how long you should keep it in the oven to warm it up. You don’t want it to be cold, but you don’t want it to be dry and overdone either.

· Inexpensive dinners

Another romantic dinner for two can be found at your local deli or grocery store. They have many items precooked and ready to go. Rotisserie chicken, salad in a bag with fresh tomatoes added, frozen vegetables you put in the microwave, and bread rolls heated in the oven can all be tasty. Look in the deli counter for other ideas. Ask your date if he or she has any food dislikes. Dessert from the bakery makes a great impression. Ask your date if they eat sweets, however, before you buy anything. Some people don’t like sugar, and some of us (I won’t mention names) can eat a peach pie or a chocolate cake for the main meal. 20 Piece Set for Home Kitchen Restaurant Hotel Service for 4 B07NSVTT83

· Beverages

Romance cannot be bottled, of course, but your date will appreciate your special attention to what he or she drinks. Go easy on the alcohol, however. You or your date may drink more than you realize, in order to calm the nerves. Being tipsy or wobbly is not romantic OR attractive. Wine or sparkling water served in a pretty glass might enhance your meal.

· Music

Music can definitely affect romantic feelings. Choose slow music and play it softly so you can hear each other talk. Instrumentals, classical selections, ballads, or acoustic guitar recordings can be soothing. If you want to go all out, ask one of your friends who plays guitar, flute, or violin to come and play several pieces before dinner. But make sure they understand that they are not supposed to stay… or there goes the romance.

· Interruptions

For this dinner to truly be romantic, turn off the machines. Unplug the phone and FAX, turn off the cell phone, and take your date’s cell when they come in the door, unless they are expecting an emergency call. Also remember to turn off the TV. Some people cannot stop watching TV, even if it is just the commercials. This can axe the conversation.

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