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Our first home as young newlyweds was a small bungalow built in 1942. We purchased the house in the month of August, many months before we discovered the drafty windows. As the Michigan winter rushed in, it literally rushed right through our house. Day after day. Month after month. Winter after winter.

It took a few years, but we finally saved enough money to buy new windows…five-thousand dollars! The windows were installed one summer and we looked forward to FINALLY being warm as winter approached.

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We spent a few months in denial. $5000.00 was a hard pill to swallow! The fact that we were still cold was beyond our comprehension.

Eventually, we noticed an ever-so-slight crack of daylight showing under the bottom of the back door. The weather stripping had dislodged from the floor track. But, as my husband and father evaluated the situation more closely, they determined that we needed a new door. They went to the store, purchased a $200 door, and installed it within a few hours.

Suddenly…INSTANTLY…we were warm!

Of course, it was great that we could finally thaw out in the living room, but it was really disappointing to realize we spent a few years’ savings on windows when we only needed a $200.00 solution. We simply never thought to evaluate the door. The windows looked very old, so our attention was fully fixed on them…for years!

I would be willing to bet you have a similar story where you pursued a complex solution to a problem, only to discover that the BEST solution was pretty darn simple, less expensive…and right before your eyes.


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