Top Three Courtyard Pavers

There’s nothing like outdoor entertaining in the summertime: warm nights spent sharing an al fresco meal with friends, evenings enjoying a bottle of wine with a loved one, or a casual game of ball with the grand children are just some of the activities that take place every day in gardens all over the world. But they can’t take place in a garden that is over-grown with foliage or entirely tree-lined, so a courtyard or paved area is one of the garden essentials of modern living. In fact, some contemporary gardens consist only and entirely of a courtyard and paved or raised entertaining spaces. In order to make the most of your garden, it’s definitely worth considering installing a courtyard – just think of all the wonderful times that could be spent there with friends and family! – but in order to make the most of your courtyard for years to come, it’s also important to make the correct choice of stone pavers in the first place.

concrete pavers Perth will inevitably depend on an individual taste, the style of your property, and your budget, let’s take a quick look at some of the courtyard pavers that have proved most popular over the years:

    1. Brick: Brick pavers are formed from blocks of natural clay that have been fired at high temperatures. They are a durable tile that usually feature rich red and brown tones and are guaranteed to warm up any outdoor courtyard with their homely appearance. Brick pavers will lend a casual appeal to your courtyard but can also be used to achieve a range of stylish effects, for example, when arranged in an interlocking herringbone pattern.


  1. Concrete: Concrete pavers are a very low-cost solution for courtyard areas. They allow you to add a great degree of individuality to your home because concrete can be blended with dye and pressed into textured molds while wet to achieve a large range of colours and effects. The Concrete pavers are also some of the strongest tiles available.


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